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Load Generator not available : Can not run scenario


Some times when I run the load test or when I do a user path check run , I get the error saying the load generator is not available and can not run the scenario.

After a couple of retrys this would be fine and successful
The reasons is - Load generator localhost:7100 unavailable

as seen in the attached pic.

How we cann avaoid this ? and what are the possible reason for expereincing such erros


This error is a generic error saying that the controller was not able to communicate with the load generator process. Does the error happen after a period of time like around 20s?

If it's a random issue it could be that the LG process takes time to start. You should check the amount of resources available when starting your test/check virtual user.

It could also be an anti-virus that is checking the LG files and so slowing down the starting of the process. You can use your task manager while starting the test and check the CPU utilization.

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