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I made a test with NeoLoad and I would like to import my own monitoring data. Is it possible?

My environment is already set with some in-house monitoring tools. I used NeoLoad to perform some tests and I would like to use my monitoring data in NeoLoad in order to enhance the test result analysis. Can I do that?

NeoLoad provides multiple types of monitoring to monitor your infrastructure during a load test. Having all this data in NeoLoad allows you to compare this monitoring data with all the available statistics. For instance, you can quickly correlate some high response time or errors with some monitoring data.

In some environments these monitors are already in place. It might be easier to use the existing ones instead of using new ones from NeoLoad.

Since NeoLoad 4.1, NeoLoad provides a way to import monitoring output from other tools. Currently, you can import Windows Perfmon output data.

After importing this monitoring data, you will get a new monitor created in NeoLoad. Then, you can use that data like any other monitoring data as if it were run by NeoLoad.

For more information, see “Results” section in NeoLoad documentation.

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