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Shared Queue error


I am unable to view values in the shared queue .csv file.
I can see thought Neoload runtime that the values are used but when I open the file there are no values in the .csv file

I am using 5.0.3 version and excel 2010 for .csv file creation

let me know how to check values saved in the queue

Rohan S.
Rohan S.

Rohan S.

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I'm confused about the description of your issue. You said that you are able to see the values used? Do you mean that your VU's are only consuming the values or also adding values into that CSV file?

Or do you mean that you configured a swap file and you would like to check the content of that file during your runtime?

Also what do you mean by runtime? Because the swap file is only created when you run a test and not when you run a user validation.