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Unlocking Licenses locked to a future date


I am in a project using Neotys Team Server to allocate two 5 user licenses however the date has been set into the future and although it has been assigned to the admin account I am using I cannot get or release these licenses.

How can these licenses be released without having to wait until the date they expire, which is impractical from a project perspective.

Luke R.
Luke R.

Luke R.

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Currently you cannot "force" release a license from the license server. That's why it is always suggested to set a maximum duration lease of a license in your role definition to avoid such issues.

Since you only need a license to start a test and not to design, usually leasing a license to few hours should be enough.

However, in our next version of NeoLoad and NTS, there willl be a connected mode. So if the NeoLoad is reachable from the NTS, you will be able to force release the license of your NeoLoad from the NTS.

Anyway, the best practice is still to minimize the lease duration to avoid that issue.