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Recorded responses missing when moving containers between 'Init' and 'Actions'


I recorded all the scripts and placed them in containers in 'Actions' container. After completing the recording, I moved some of the containers to 'Init' (drag and drop). Now, when I try to check the 'Recorded Response' & 'Recorded Request' I see that it says "<<Body not stored by NeoLoad. (Stores only text content) >>".

Is this normal behaviour? How can this be avoided?


That is not a normal behaviour. Have you only moved the containers from Actions to Init? Have you also copied your virtual users?

I was not able to reproduce only by moving the containers.

There's an opened bug when you copied/pasted a virtual user profile where the recorded requests/responses are removed.

If you are able to properly replay your script, from the User validation panel, make a right mouse click on the virtual user tree and use the "Update recorded content" option.

That option will re-populate the recording content from the user validation.

Normally a duplicate VU should not have the issue only the copy functionality has the issue.

I tried one more time to reproduce but it worked on my side. Do you have a specific use case to reproduce the issue?

I observed the following today, I duplicated a script and then changed some parameter / variables. After the changes I confirmed that the recorded response & request are present and then saved the project. I tried to "check virtual user" on the duplicated script and the script failed and I tried to compare the responses & requests and immediately realized that the recorded responses & requests are deleted.

Does "check virtual user" overwrite the recorded response & request on duplicated scripts?

Is this a bug?

Note: If I don't save after check virtual user and then reopen the project then I can see the recorded responses & requests on the duplicated script.

I was not able to reproduce that behavior. The Check Virtual user should not overwrite the recorded requests/responses unless you use the feature that does it.

I will provide that feedback to the Q&A team in case they can reproduce.