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Why is response content missing during replay?

When I replay my script, although the dynamic values are atuomatically captured in all places and also replaced correctly, at one point the script fails. When I compare the recorded and replayed request of that url, it is fine. But the response is missing a huge chunk of content. I have attached the comparison of both request and response. Could you please let me know what I am missing here. PS:We are doing a POC for load testing of Kronos 7 on Firefox 26

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If you look at the response received during the user validation, it says "The timecard was modified while you were working on it. Your edits cannot be saved".

So either there's really someone who modified the timecard or you did not properly handle the dynamic parameters from your script.

You should manually check in your application that the same timecard can be modified. If yes then your script still contains some ID's that have to be correlated.