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How do I check a verification message on my UI?

I am trying to upload a file (~200 MB) and then wait for it to be processed - I should see a "Complete" message when I am through.

When I designed the test I was hoping the think times would be sufficient to make sure I wait untill it is complete. But the test runs through it pretty quickly and does not wait, at least not enough.
Is there a way I can wait until the application returns a message?

Alekhya P.
Alekhya P.

Alekhya P.

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The way to simulate such behavior will depend on how the upload progress is done on your application.

Most of the time the browser will periodically send a request to get a status from the server until a specific response like "Complete" is received.

In NeoLoad you can simulate that behavior using a while loop condition. You can create a variable extractor that will extract the current status.

In your while loop, you will have as condition that status compared to the variable extractor content.

You will drop out of the while when the variable extractor will get a "Complete" message from the server.

You may also have to initialize your variable extractor content before entering the first time in your while loop.

Look at the screen shot which is a very simple skeleton that you can start with.