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How to run multiple instances of NeoLoad GUI?

We're 3 people using NeoLoad (GUI, generator and monitoring agent) on one single server with different user accounts. When one of us has the GUI opened anybody else who tries to start it gets an error message regarding "Monitoring Agent already running". We just want to create scripts etc. in parallel without using the Monitoring Agents though. Do we need to remove the Monitoring Agent and install it on its own server or is there a way to run mutliple instances of NeoLoad GUI on one server?

Robin M.
Robin M.

Robin M.

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You can't run multiple instances of NeoLoad on the same machine because of port and license conflicts. 

If you only want to create and validate scripts, you can install NeoLoad on different machines and run them in no key mode. A license is only needed when you would like to run a test.

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