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NETWORK-01. Received fatal alert: unrecognized_name?

Error occurs at the beginning of the test: Error Code: NL-NETWORK-01 (responsecode:NL-NETWORK-01)
Message: Network error: An IO error occurred sending the request.
Details: java.io.IOException: javax.net.ssl.SSLHandshakeException: Received fatal alert: unrecognized_name

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unrecognized_name error during the SSL handshake is related to the SNI option in the JRE 1.7.xx used in NeoLoad.

The certificate used by the web server contains the name of the server. The web server configuration is probably using a server name that is different.

Anyway, in the <NeoLoad_install_dir>\bin\ folder, you have the file "NeoLoadGUI.vmoptions". By default, there's the SNI extension that is disabled like this: "-Djsse.enableSNIExtension=false"

It may be necessary to enable it using that option instead: "-Djsse.enableSNIExtension=true" 

Restart NeoLoad and run a user validation.