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Why no items in init, action, and end folders after recording?

Started virtual user with init folder. Correct browser (Chrome) generated with http://www.neoload screen, input "login", click on links to login, changed to Action folder, input "Click Hiring", clicked on Hiring tab, input "Click PEND tab", Clicked PEND tab, changed to END folder, input "logoff", clicked logoff link. Clicked the stop recording button. the post-recording window did not display and no items were in the init, action, and end folders

Cheryl W.
Cheryl W.

Cheryl W.

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If NeoLoad did not record anything then i guess the browser was not automatically configured to go through the NeoLoad proxy.

You should check after starting the recording that the proxy browser is set to "localhost:8090".

Do you encounter that issue whatever the browser?