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I have a question about Neoload, hopefully you have an answer.

The problem is that I want our webserver, proxy, etc. not to cache. So I configure extra request headers as advanced parameter; Cache-Control: no-cache…
My problem is I have to configure this for every requests, hundreds of them. I’am lazy, there must be another way. If I select more requests at once and configure the extra header, that seems possible but is not set after applying.

Does anyone know a workaround?

Thanks, Jan

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Jan V.

Jan V.

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You cannot add at once a header on multiple requests. You can remove or modify them using the search and replace feature but there's no such feature to bulk add.

However, if i understand correctly you always want the users to download the resources.

A normal behavior is to download the resources the first time and not the next time because of the cache.

If you would like to force the virtual user to download each time the resources, you could use a Javascript at the end of the user iteration to clear the user cache.

There's a method for that called: "clearCache()"

See NeoLoad documentation here

I guess it could be a better way to handle your situation. I hope it helps.