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Is it possible to delay the iteration?

I want to run a mix load testing, set it by time in 1 hours
1.Script A would be run during all the time in 1 hours,
2.Script B would be just run 14 by iteration, but I hope it can be distributed in 1 hours, due to Script B can be completed in 1 minute.

I try to use custom load variation policy, but seems the it doesn't work for me. see attached screen shot.

Is there any other method to do that?

Xiaoning Z.
Xiaoning Z.

Xiaoning Z.

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I'm not quite sure to understand your setup but if you would like to add delay between iterations of the Actions container, you could set a pacing on that Actions container. That way you can control the speed of your iterations.

Select your Actions container to see the pacing configuration panel.

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