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Pacing overriding end of test

I have a load test which runs for 3 hours with numerous different scripts. One of these scripts executes with a pacing of 1 hour set on the Action container for each iteration. The script has a delayed start of 30 minutes. When the test ends, this user/scripts keeps going until the end of the pacing time and then executes one more iteration. How do I get all scripts to stop at the end of the 3 hours regardless of any pacing settings?

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If i understood correctly, you say that the test is already in a stopping status when it is playing that 1 hour pacing and then although the test is stopping  that user is jumping to the next iteration. Is it correct?

I tested that configuration and the test stopped properly at the configured end time. The virtual users were still playing the pacing time when the test stopped.

Where did you see that the users were running an extra iteration?

As workaround, you could test the status of the test using that following predefined variable: NL-TestStatus. It contains the test status. The possible values are: RUNNING, STOPPING.

At the end of your iteration, you could use an if-then-condition based on the status of that variable. And stop the virtual in case of the status is "STOPPING".

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