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How to reference a PerfectoMobile script in custom action?

My script is located in a folder within the script repository. How can I reference the script properly?

I am seeing the following error message when i gave the file name without the file folder : "Error during phase "Executing script." java.io.IOException: Issue verifying script name: Invalid container object"


That error is sent by Perfecto itself. It seems that Perfecto is not able to even read the name of the script that you set in your custom Action in NeoLoad.

Could you verify the name of your script as it does not seem correct?

By default, the field is filled with "<Perfecto_Script_Name.xml>". Make sure to remove the "<" signs and only set with your script name like this "myscript.xml".

 In case, could you provide a screen shot of the settings of your custom action in case the issue is from elsewhere?