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Variable Users CSV file not being read?

We ran our scenario and found that the student logins defined in our CSV file are not being used in the load test. Please review the screen captures below. In this case, the scenario was recorded with student user id 208 as a virtual user. There are results for student 208 but not the students in the csv file. It is as if the content of the csv file is not being read. Could there be an issue with recording the scenario with a specific student user ID as a virtual user? Are we missing a critical step in our definition for reading the CSV file?

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I would like to know if that issue is exactly the same from that POST here

In case let me explain you how the tool is working. When you first recorded your virtual user, you named it using your user login (i.e 208), why not.

If you run a test using that user profile, let's say 2 concurrent users, NeoLoad will start 2 instances  of that user profile. In other words, these instances will have the same name because issued from the same user profile but it does not mean that they are still using 208 as login.

Since you use a CSV file to vary your login, you can see in your user validation that login 210 has been used. If you run your 2 concurrent users test, your two users will use 210 and 211 as login (and still the user profile name is the same).

I would recommend you to look at the NeoLoad tutorials here.

That tutorial describes exactly what you would like to achieve.