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How to parameterize the values based on users?

I have 310 users with different data set. I have taken all the users in a csv and have all the user specif test data in other csv. Scenarios is like; user 1 will come and read data from column 1, user 2 comes and will read data from column 2 from same csv. I have done the same scenario in JMeter and LoadRunner but now client requirement is to do this in NeoLoad.

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In NeoLoad you'll want to create variables and possibly a shared queue depending on how you wind up using the two seperate csv files as the sources. See the documentation references ive given and you'll see how you can use the row headers for the variable names and create dynamic values that incriment per iteration based off of the shared queue variable values. It might seem complicated at first but it's simple and self working once you pull in and see your lists at the csv level you'll see the power you have to manipulate your data accordingly.. See the documentation here to get you started: Creating variables with csv (also take important attention to the value change policy being either per use, or for each virtual user, and also what to do when you run out of values, i.e. "When out of Values: Cycle values"):

Creating Values with csv

Shared queue definition:

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