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Logging in With Multiple Accounts Using a CSV File

I have performed the following two distinct steps:

1. Created and correctly configured a variable that will take its values from a CSV file.
2. Linked the variable to NeoLoad configuration elements so that the variable is used when logging in is required.

But when I run the load test, the user logins defined in the CSV file are not being read.

Attached the screen captures of the above mentioned steps performed.

Please advise.

Raghavender B.
Raghavender B.

Raghavender B.

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The screen capture does not seem to be attached so if you could attach it again it would be great.

Plus what do you mean by "the user logins defined in the CSV file are not being read". Is it the login variable that is not replaced by the login values?

Something that you could pay attention to is your variable configuration and especially  the change policy. If your variable is used under Actions container, make sure that the change policy is "on each iteration". If it's under Init container, then it should be "For each virtual user".