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I need sample CSV file for check with Multiple accounts using the Post-recording wizard

Dear sir,
System Setup: Linux fedora OS and firefox 37.
I am using above mentioned system environment to run neoload and I need sample CSV file for upload users accounts setup and also can you explain the steps to work with 'NTLM authentication' and 'Form based authentication' process.


Vairamuthu M.
Vairamuthu M.

Vairamuthu M.

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I'm not sure to understand your query. The credentials are specific to your application so what kind of sample do you expect?

Is it that you would like to get an example of a CSV file? It's just a text file with multiple columns separated with for example a comma or semi-colon.

If you would like to use your CSV file for NTLM authentication, you need to edit your server definition in the Design section, add your variable name on the login/password fields by clicking on the "Add" button.

For example, ${Myaccount.username} and ${Myaccount.password} where username and password are the column names of your CSV file.

For more information i would suggest you to look at the video here on the NeoLoad web site.