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Recording Oracle Forms experience recording failure

I'm recording a simple test which logs into an Oracle Forms application, performs a search on a screen which returns the search results tabulated. I then select a record which drill down.
I close the opened screen and select another record from the list. Screen opens, I then close it. Close the search screen, exit the application.

All this when completed not through Neoload works quickly. Screen are generated and results displayed quickly.

When performing the same task during Neoload recording, each steps takes a considerable amount of time. i.e. 30+ seconds for screen to display as apposed to 1 second. Once the recording is completed I then verify the test.

The verification fails as 100's of bgpattern=transparent actions are generated ( no idea what this is but would love to know) and finally

Error Code: NL-OF-PLUGIN-ENGINE-02 Message: An error occured while reading the encrypted Oracle Forms response. Details: ifError:6/FRM-93652: The runtime process has terminated abnormally. Contact your system administrator. (type: Runtime process is dead)

Why is Neoload unable to record a simple test.

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The support of Oracle forms application is old but very stable. I can only guess what could slow down your recording. You may check the CPU of your NeoLoad machine to see NeoLoad  was consuming CPU or memory. Also you should check if there's no other URL's not related to your application that were recorded

According to your description, you may have a bunch of URL's that were recorded. That might explain the slowness during the recording. Normally, you should not have so many requests recorded for a login/logout transaction.

NL-OF-PLUGIN-ENGINE-02 error is a generic error. It can be a consequence of previous errors. But basically, NeoLoad sends requests to the Oracle server but the process on Oracle side that were handling them died.

To remove the environmental issue, have you tried to record from a different machine/location?