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Difference between Floating and shared license

What is the difference between floating and shared license?? both are same or different??

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Keerthy R.

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The floating license allowed you to use your license key on different workstations (not at the same time).

Since NeoLoad 4.0, the floating license is not available anymore to new customers. It has been replaced by the more flexible Shared License that also enables concurrent testing by splitting the VUs.

Let's take the sample of a 500 VU Shared License, you can either use 500 VU on Workstation A, then 500 VU on Workstation B as for the floating license, but you can also use 200 VU on Workstation A and 300 VU on Workstation B, concurrently.

You can split for as much concurrent testing as required as long as the split is over 50 VU.

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