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How do I install a license key?

I did receive a license key per email, but I'm not able to open it. I try to open the license using my favorite text editor without success. Is there a specific program or text editor I can use to open the license file?

NeoLoad needs to have a license loaded in order to be functional. The NeoLoad license is not a text file, but a binary file to be open directly into the product.

When you start NeoLoad, it should prompt you to load a license if no previous license has been detected. NeoLoad can use two different kinds of license: a standard license and a floating license.

If you want to use a standard license, select the radio button "select a license file" but if you want to use a floating license select "connect to a license server". Install a standard NeoLoad license key as follows: Installing a license key


1. Open the license management panel via the "Help / License management" menu item.

2. Select the "Use a license file" option in the "License configuration" section.

3. Click the "Enter a license key" button.


For more information about licenses, see "License Key Management " under "Installation" section in NeoLoad documentation.

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