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Regarding SOAP Protocol

The question applies to design and runtime. I need to test a web service. I am planning to write a Java code
as client ( generated from WSDL) and place the jar file in the ext/plug ins directory.

Q1) Can I use the NeoLoad JavaScript API to make calls to Web Service and get the response back ?

Q2) If the answer to Q1 is Yes, then do I need a SOAP module to be purchased from NeoLoad when I execute the test for 500 Virtual Users ?


Chandrakanth P.
Chandrakanth P.

Chandrakanth P.

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Technically speaking, you should be able to make your calls to Web Service and get the response back using JAVA code within a NeoLoad Javascript.

But you will be limited as you won't be able to use NeoLoad feature like variable extractors, validation and you won't get the response time of your requests.

If you do want to perform such tests, the SOAP module won't be necessary.