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Recording and Internet proxy

I know that NeoLoad uses the proxy to connect to the servers, but to have internet access I also need a proxy, is there a way to use the proxy needed to access internet in combination with the proxy of Neoload??

Kevin H.
Kevin H.

Kevin H.

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I'm not sure what you mean by "proxy of NeoLoad". When you start a NeoLoad recording, it will change the current proxy settings to "localhost:8090" (NeoLoad proxy) so the traffic can be recorded.

When the recording is stopped NeoLoad will reverse back that modification and you will get the original proxy configuration.

So except during the NeoLoad recording, you should still be able to reach the Internet.

Could you maybe clarify what you did and the issue you encountered?



If you need to use your corporate proxy when recording and the wizard failed to propose the appropriate settings, then go to "Preferences / Proxy" and ensure the "Applications Proxy" is properly set.