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I started my NeoLoad controller and got an error message

The error is related to an initialization of the Monitoring Agent. See screen shot. How can I get rid of that issue?

The NeoLoad controller embeds a monitoring and  load generator agents. Some TCP ports are opened for this two agents. They are respectively using port TCP 7200 and 7100 by default.

The error message means that the port TCP 7200 is already in use by another process. It may be another NeoLoad monitoring Agent or another program that is conflicting on that port.

The best is to run a command prompt and launch that command:


  • on Windows: netstat -ano | find "7200"
  • on Unix: netstat -anp | grep "7200" .


That command should provide you the PID of the program that is using that 7200 TCP port.

Then open your Task Manager and go to the “process” tab. Add the “PID” column if it is not already there. From here, you should be able to identify the PID found in the command line result and then the program that is using it.

Shutdown that program prior running the NeoLoad controller to fix your issue.


For more information, see “Advanced installation” under “Installation” section.

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