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In tunnel recording mode the IP address shown by NeoLoad to use as DNS server on my mobile is not the correct one

My NeoLoad machine is configured in DHCP mode and so the IP address changes all the time. How can I ensure that NeoLoad will use the right IP?

When you start a recording with tunnel mode, NeoLoad will act as DNS server for your mobile.

As a consequence you have to modify your DNS settings on your mobile so it can use your NeoLoad machine as DNS server.

If NeoLoad shows you an old IP address, you can select the right one by going to the menu “Edit-->Preferences-->HTTP recorder”. Then on the tunnel mode recording settings,  select your current IP address in the drop down list called “IP accessible for client”.

Save and restart NeoLoad.

If you start again your tunnel mode recording, you should now get the right IP address. You can use that one on your mobile DNS configuration.


For more information, see “Recording a mobile application” under “Design” section

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