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I'm trying to record my mobile application using tunnel mode but I have an issue

I am able to detect some servers but when I click on the next button in the wizard, NeoLoad throws some errors related to some conflicts with processes on port 80 and 53. How can I fix that?

When you start a recording with tunnel mode, there are several steps that should be completed.

The first one is to select the servers that you think your application is using. If you do not know which ones you can use the detect server feature to figure out.

When it's done, depending on the port and server detected, NeoLoad will start some processes using these ports to listen on.

In your case, NeoLoad tried to listen on port 80 and 53 on your local machine but the ports are already used by other processes.


You probably have a WEB  (port 80) and DNS (port 53) server that are running on your machine. On some Windows version, you could have IIS and DNS services started and running.

To stop them you can run that command through the command line

  • IIS: “net stop http /y”
  • DNS:  “net stop dns” 


It should stop DNS, IIS and all the dependency services.

When it's done go back on the NeoLoad tunnel mode wizard and click again on next to validate all the steps.


For more information, see “Recording a mobile application” under “Design” section.

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