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I have some issues to extract some values from a server response.

I would like to extract multiple lines from the response but when I define my left and right boundary it does not capture them. Is there a way to capture multiple lines?

When you create a variable extractor, by default you will use the simple mode where you can graphically define your left and right boundary to extract your value.

Behind the scene, NeoLoad is creating the corresponding regular expression that will define your variable extractor.

When you are dealing with multiple lines to extract, the simple mode might not be easy to use and so you may have to switch to advanced mode where you can manually create your own regular expression.

There's different ways to capture multiple lines.

For example:


<ASObject([\s\S]*?)</ASObject> will capture everything between the two ASObjects tag even if it's on multiple lines.


You can also use that ([^^]*?) instead of ([\s\S]*?) to get the same result.


For more information, see “Regular expressions” under “Appendixes” in the NeoLoad documentation.

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