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How to extract a value from Response which is in some encoded format (&#x;)

Oracle forms application has a .jsp web page which is a pop-up window for "Search and select" feature. Prior to PSU-patching of the application, the server-response of this page was being stored in NeoLoad as normal text, so I was able to extract the "oas" dynamic value in variable extractor. But, after the PSU-patching, some part of the server-response of this page is being stored in NeoLoad in some encoded format (e.g. x70;OT61wxMciWtA), so now I am not able to extract the value of "oas".
The before and after files (responses) are attached.
As the dynamic value of "oas" is being used in the next request to the server, could you please let me know how to handle this variable extraction?

Kahin F.
Kahin F.

Kahin F.

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The response content seems now to be HTML encoded. I do not think that NeoLoad did that. You should be able to confirm that with your browser by checking the server response without NeoLoad.

Anyway, when you create your variable extractor in NeoLoad, you have an option to tell NeoLoad that the extracted content is HTML encoded. If you enable it you should see your extracted value decoded.

The main issue is the boundaries for the extraction. You can use an online HTML decode tool but "oas=" is oas=

That should help you to extract your oas value from that response.

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