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Hi, I have an use case where there would be around 30 questions on a page with three possible answers (yes, no, unknown). An user can select any one of these options. If yes is selected then user has to provide some description there. For any new request, user may provide answers to minimum 1 or maximum 5 question. I have recorded script for this scenario.Now I want to enhance it to make it possible to answer any of the 1 to 5 question out of 30 during the test. For example, when I run a test for 30 mins and the total no.of iterations are 100 then there should be some requests with 2 to 3 answers and some other with 5 answers....etc. This script is an AMF message. i.e. XML. How to achieve this?

Deva R.
Deva R.

Deva R.

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