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Feature Request - add ability to choose legacy vs new http client for User Paths

Please add the ability in NeoLoad version 5.2.x and 5.3.x to be able to choose/toggle between the "legacy" http client, and the new, re-written http client when designing a User Path either manually or after it is recorded.

The most flexible way would be to add a drop down selector box to the "parameters" field in the "Design" section for each User Path. This way, the tester could choose which http client will be used for a particular user path.

This would allow those customers with older legacy applications or non-standard applications to be able to use the old http client more flexibly when they run into challenges running scripts that have been updated from NeoLoad versions below 5.2.x.

Thank you

Eric H.
Eric H.

Eric H.

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Do you have some example of issues that you have in 5.2/5.3 but not with the legay HTTP client?

You're right the current HTTP client is more restrictive but it's not the goal to keep the legacy HTTP client. So maybe if you list your issues we could enhance the current HTTP client instead of using the old one.

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