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Changing a recorded URL for all pages in a recorded virtual user

We have different "zones" on a host machine, the URL would look like https://host/zone/folders/page.html. I was wondering if there was a best practice or a way that would be recommended to change this zone without having to record the script again. The only thing changing would be the zone, the rest of the path is the same for all zones.

Steven P.
Steven P.

Steven P.

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The best way is to use a NeoLoad variable in order to have this in your path: https://host/${zone}/folders/page.html

For example, this ${zone} variable can be a string variable or a list one.

Then you can use the "Search and replace" feature in order to bulk replace all the occurrences of the zone in the path by your variable.

By doing that, you will be able to quickly switch from one zone to another just by modifying your variable content.