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How can I deactivate a license without the GUI?

I have installed NeoLoad on a Linux box and I would like to deactivate my license without starting the GUI. Is it possible?

The deactivation process starts when you click on the “Transfer to another computer...” button in the license management panel.

By doing this, it will generate a deactivation file called “license-inactivation.req” that has to be sent to “” by email or using the web form here:

If you can't start the NeoLoad GUI, you can still deactivate your license running it through command line. This is the command and the option to use:

./NeoLoadCmd -inactivateKey -noGUI -project "<absolute_path_to_your_nlp>" -launch "<scenario_name>"

The path of the “license-inactivation.req” file will be displayed on the console where you launched that command.

For more information, see “License Management” under “Installation” section in NeoLoad documentation.

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