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Neoload LG memory configuration

While executing test from Neoload GUI with embedded LG (on same host as controller), does the LG Engine reads the memory configuration from “\bin\NeoLoadGUI.vmoptions” OR from “conf\” ?

Per, what i understand is - Controller and both Engines read memory configuration from \bin\NeoLoadGUI.vmoptions(all sets to the same value/fraction) incase of launching 'embedded version' and LG Engines reads it from “conf\” in case of launching it as Service from Start menu (LoadGeneratorAgent_NoPrivilege.exe)

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Deepak S.

Deepak S.

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Hi, the GUI reads from the GUI vmoptions, the agent reads from the LGs vmoptions and the engine reads from the So all 3 are used. As mentioned, the agent is a small process, when the GUI executes a test, it asked the agent to start the engine up. As per the example, on a 16GB machine, the GUI takes 4GB, the agent 512MB, the engine 4GB, so 13GB will be in use. In a real test, you would always have the LGs on their own dedicated machines

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