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Is there a quick way to check if a user validation worked?

I run a user validation and NeoLoad said that the user is valid. Usually, I compare the responses from the recording and the replay to make sure that it really worked. But it takes time for long script so is there a quick way to achieve that instead?

When you run a user validation, NeoLoad will flag a response in error based on the HTTP status code of the response.

On some applications, the HTTP status code may be “200 OK” even if the content of the response contains errors.

Since NeoLoad 4.1, there's an automatic comparison feature that can display the percentage of difference between the recorded response and replayed one.

You will quickly see if you got the same kind of responses during validation and recording and if the script is correctly working.

For more information, see “Variables” under “Design” section in NeoLoad documentation.

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