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No work of 'Check User Path Validity'

Hi community,

we use a NeoLoad project for load testing.
The project is working fine, but if we try to use the function 'Check User Path' and clicking on 'Start chekcing' there is no functionality. The button is greyed out for a short time and then it is enabled again, but the check is not performed. So it is not possible to check the user path. Also if we try to restart NeoLoad or reboot the system the 'Check' is not working. After some tries you can check again, but after a short time there is no function again.
All button for play, check, etc. are greyed out and unavailable. If I close the application I get the message: 'A test is currently running. Do you really want to quit NeoLoad.

Matthias F.
Matthias F.

Matthias F.

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You should check the NeoLoad logs files as it seems something is interfering with the load generator. You can quickly get access to the logs from the menu "Help-->Open logs folder.." Check them right after reproducing the issue and look at the loadgenerator*****.log and neoload****.log