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I would like to stop a VU when an error occurs ?

I create a script using the Init/Actions/End containers. My goal would be to stop a user and perform a new login if an error or assertion error occurs in case for example of a wrong login. Is it possible?

NeoLoad provides some default container to ease the design of your script. The “Init/End” containers are played once and usually contains the login and logout actions. Whereas the “Actions” container will be played multiple times to loop your business transactions.

Since NeoLoad 4.1, there's a “Stop” logical action that will allow you to stop a virtual user instance on purpose.
You will be able to manage the errors situation and decide if for example a new login is necessary within the script.
As an option, you will also be able to start a new virtual user instance to maintain the load.

For more information, see “Runtime” section in NeoLoad documentation.

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