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Is it possible to use the remote monitor/ load generator when it is running in another domain than the controller ?

I am unable to automatically detect the remote monitor & remote load generator agents (or even manually search for them via ip/hostname) with the controller. Controller is installed on pc in another domain than the LG & MA pc. Firewall ports are open. Neoload 4.04. Is this possible or are there special settings to be used (and if so what are they) ?

Kris L.
Kris L.

Kris L.

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It does not matter if the controller and the load generators/Monitoring agent are not on the same domain.

Normally, you only have to make sure that port 7100 (LG) and 7200 (Monitoring Agent) are reachable from the controller.

For instance, you could try to run this command from the controller: "telnet <IP_LG> 7100" and "telnet <IP_MA> 7200"

If you are able to connect to these ports then it means that these ports are opened. But it does not mean that your controller can access them.

You should check on the Windows firewall on your controller machine if the NeoLoad process is allowed to reach them.

It's the pop-up that you can have the first time you start NeoLoad.


I hope it will help you.