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User having issue with Edge Proxy Configuration Issue


The Websocket & Push Protocol is marked as (X). Does that mean that it's not included in our license and we cannot perform testing with Websocket?
If yes, is there another way to test websocket using Neoload without the license?
Please see attached screenshot

Is there also way to know which browser was being used in testing as we can't seem to find the logs?

Benjie C.
Benjie C.

Benjie C.

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It seems that your license does include that Websocket module that is necessary to run tests with WebSocket requests. There's no other way to run your tests with WebSocket without that module. I would suggest you to check with your sales rep at Tricentis to make sure that it is expected to not get that module included in your Enterprise license.

Also when NeoLoad replays a user path it does not use any browser but its own HTTP client since NeoLoad runs at protocol level i.e HTTP.