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How to count successful transactions within a if...then...else loop with multiple users?

The below is the pseudo code:

if...then {

{execute branch1}


{execute branch2}

During a load test, we would like to count the number of successful transactions from branch1 and branch2 and compare the count at the end of the iteration.

If the count for branch2 is greater than 30% of branch1, the test needs to be aborted.

How can this be implemented? I am new to Neoload. Any help would be much appreciated.

Sachin P.
Sachin P.

Sachin P.

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Well a short answer would be that NeoLoad does not have any built-in feature to stop a test when reaching an amount of failed transaction.

And what is a failed transaction. Is it when there's an error or when a SLA is reached. You should be able to reach your goal using some Javascript by manually computing those values.

For SLA's breach there's an option in the neoload-cli here where a test can be stopped based on thresholds failure.

You may have a look in case it would suit your needs.