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Can Neoload run multiple containers at the same with the same virtual user?

The application lets a user open multiple reports. Can Neoload replicate this user behavior. The containers in the jpg image with the name Double Click Report are the ones I am trying to have Neoload open all at the same time with the same virtual user.

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You can use fork logical actions for each individual transaction. But by doing this you need to stop the execution of the main thread otherwise the user may logoff before the end of the execution of your transactions within the fork.

You can use a delay but you won't know how long it will take to complete your transactions. The best is to use a wait_until logical action with a kind of counter as condition. The counter could be incremented at the end of each transaction in those forks and based on the total count you can release the wait_until action.


did you mean in parallel or just have them all open? as a user cant read several reports at the same time, i assume you mean open one after the other until all are open, you test is alraedy doing this by the look of it. Nouredine's answer will allow several parallel threads, ie. litterally at the same time