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Neoload failing to get dynamic CSRF token in 2nd run

Whenever recording and running the test Neoload is able to fetch the CSRF token successfully in 1st run in GET request. But, When extracting the token and append in next request and run the same test 2nd time it's giving an invalid token in GET request.

I double-checked on my browser There is no issue with token generation for the same user

Sanjeev P.
Sanjeev P.

Sanjeev P.

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From one screen shot we can see that your token is a cookie value. But on the screen shot of the server response it's not a cookie. Do you usee a "Set-Cookie" from the server with that token value?

If yes then you do not have to manage it through variable extractor since server cookies are automatically managed by NeoLoad.

Also when you say "2nd run" do you mean second execution or second user iteration?

Now let's say that you manually extracted that Token value. Did it change between your two test run?

If not that would explain your issue since that token might be valid for few minutes only.