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How to stop sending Transfer-Encoding: chunked header automatically ?

While doing a reply, 'Transfer-Encoding: chunked' header is automatically getting added in the request, which was not present in recorded request, due to that application is returning 404 error. I have found from application developers that Transfer-Encoding header is not allowed in there application. Hence, Please suggest a possible way to ignore it

Venkatreddy K.
Venkatreddy K.

Venkatreddy K.

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I do not see any option to disable the sending of a request using chunk data. Usually it's more efficient to send the data using chunk but i understand that if your application does not allow it it might be an issue.

My guess is that NeoLoad does not provide the content-length of the request to our HTTP client and so chunk mechanism is used. I do not know yet if it's in purpose or not.

If your POST multipart only have text content i think there's a workaround. If you copy the whole content of your request body starting from "-----WebkitFormBoundary******" till the end.

Create a POST request with Type "Text" in NeoLoad and paste the whole content in the request body.

In the Requests headers tab add a "Content-Type" entry with value "multipart/form-data****** like you have in your recorded request. If you need additional headers please copy them too.

Normally by doing this it is the same as sending the request with "multipart" type in NeoLoad. And from what i can see in that case the Content-Length will be added so the chunk data won't take place.