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While running script for load users more than 10, getting NL-Network-02 error for POST request with content type-text?

Getting error while creating load for few request. Also added think time but still getting error.
Is there a way to resolve this wouthout adding think time. Error details are as below,

Error detected by NeoLoad
Error Code: NL-NETWORK-02 Message: Bind error connecting to server. Error attempting to bind a socket to a local address and port. Typically, the Load Generator cannot open more sockets on the local system.

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This error usually indicates a lack of socket available on theĀ  LG machine to create a new network connection against your server. But this usually happens at high load and not with only 10 users load.

Unless you are looping very quickly the Actions container but looking at your screen shot the error already occurred in the 8th occurrence.

Do you have any antivirus or tool that could block the LG process to generate load on your local machine? What is your OS? Could you provide the log of your LG available in the Results section under logs tab?