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What do I do if my project won't open, and I get an error?

I try to open my existing project, and I get an error:

"Unexpected error while loading project: error in opening file"

I don't want to lose my project, and I forgot to make a backup.

Sometimes an issue occurs with a computer that can corrupt a file and data, whether it is network, memory, hard drive, or application related. Here are two options to restore your project from Neoload's automated backups...


Restore Project Configuration from Backup method


1) In the project root folder, there is a file called "". This sometimes gets corrupted. There are some backup versions of this file every time you save the project, in the format of config.{date}.bak.

2) Rename one of the recent config.{date}.bak files to "" and replace the existing one.

3) Start Neoload and open your project


Test-config-backup method


1) In the root project folder, there are results\result_xx folders. Inside these (use the most recent for latest backup) there is a file. Copy this to the project root folder where the file is.

2) Open the file and remove the project.xml file. Close the zip file to save it.

3) Rename the to (overwriting the old version).

4) Start Neoload and open the project to test.


If both of these methods fail, open Neoload with a new project. Go to Help > open logs folder. Zip this logs folder and send to to open a ticket with Neotys Support.

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