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Equivalent to "user data point" from LoadRunner

In LoadRunner, I have the possibility to create "user data points". Is there some equivalent feature in NeoLoad?

We have some cases, where we want to plot the number of found results from a search, so that we can see after the test, that there was an average of i.e. 73 results that were returned by some search function and that there were more results between 13:00 to 14:00 than between 16:00 to 17:00.

Another reason for that: We have a Java Application that we want to use in NeoLoad by creating a custom action. This application works on WebSphere MQ. It creates, sends and reads messages. We want to be able, so store several statistical values every 30 seconds and plot them as a graph after the test. (and also see them at runtime).

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In Neoload under the advanced actions (Misc) is the store external data action, this can be used to plot the contents of variable on a chart. It sound like this should meet your needs? ie. extract the number of returned rows using a variable extractor and plot the number