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How to load test SAP-Fiori applications?

I want to generate load by using business processes with SAP Fiori applications. How to do that?

I tried different recordings (web, sap), and I get a lot of requests in the user path. But there is no automatic correlation of the typical framework variables.
I don't have a separate framework for Fiori in the list of available frameworks. Do I have to import that?
If so, where I can find the SAP Fiori framework for importing it?

OK, here is an example of a framework variable:

Response of login request "n":
Header: x-csrf-token: 3oyU2gQUl24B9hO5I1BI5Q==

Request "n+1": POST with binary content
x-csrf-token: 3oyU2gQUl24B9hO5I1BI5Q==
That means that the request needs the token from the header of a previous request.

There are another variables to handle with a framework ideally - i.e. the header content type with the boundary value:
Content-Type: multipart/mixed;boundary=batch_dbea-37e1-6179
But for that issue I'll create another question.

Thank you in advance.

Niko M.
Niko M.

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