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NeoLoad can be used to measure SQL JOB performance ?

To measure MS SQL Job performance can we use Neoload ?

Our SQL job is converting user data into one format to another format. We need to measure following

1. Per day how much data(GB) we can process.
2 . Per day how many user's data we can process.
3. For one user, how much time job takes to process
4. How to monitor above data against SQL Server Resources (RAM, HardDisk, CPU)

mitesh P.
mitesh P.

mitesh P.

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From NeoLoad you have an advanced SQL action that allows you to execute SQL statements against a database. You will be able to generate some load against your database and use the NeoLoad built-in monitoring to check your server/database resources.

Please look at the NeoLoad documentation here to see if it can suit your needs.