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NeoLoad supports Windows services? Can we monitor the performance of windows services using NeoLoad?

We are using multiple windows services in our project. These services are peeking up the messages from the queue and dump into the database. Can we measure/monitor the performance of these windows services using NeoLoad?

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I'm not sure to understand how those Windows services are working. You are mentioning "messages from queue". Do you have more details about how this messages queue are working? What is the technology behind that and how it interacts with the database?

I assume the services are further down the applications architecture like browser to app server to MQ to database, etc. While Neoload's main function is injecting load via the browser, we can monitor services via our Windows (aka PerfMon) monitoring. See here: https://www.neotys.com/documents/doc/neoload/latest/#1161...