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Test works by time, but not by iteration - why?

Right now I try to find out if we can load test our web application with NeoLoad. I created a scenario and population, and try to run the test with 4 simulated uses, uzsers are set to "Constant".
If I run the scenario by time - 3 minutes, the 4 users are logged in and can do 8 iterations in that timespan.
If I run the scenario by iteration, 4 users, each should do just one iteration (which means it's only 4 iterations), the process does not end in over an hour because the last user runs into timeouts. I tried increasing the web socket timeout as the error message suggests, but that did not help.

I don't understand why I can run 8 iterations with 4 users if I set the duration policy to 3 minutes, but can't run 1 iteration per user when the duration policy is set to iteration.

Maybe someone can help?

Florian A.
Florian A.

Florian A.

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