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i have api request that gets response from 3 servers how could i know that i am getting response from all servers

i have a api request the request will go and hit the 3 servers how could oi know that whether i am getting response from all the servers i may get from 2nd server response. It may not go to 3 rd server. i want to check that whether the response is coming from all the servers or not .i want to check that my request is going from 1st server to 2nd and 3rd server response is also vice versa

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The first thing to know is how the load is spread across your  3 backend servers. Is it based on DNS round robin, cookie sessions or IP source addresses?

It's not the client (here NeoLoad) that decides which server to hit but it's based on the above rules that may be in place on server side. Can't you check on the backend servers or with your team about the rules applied to spread the load?

So based on the rules that are applied you may have to configure NeoLoad differently. For example if it's DNS round robin you may have to override the DNS cache at the zone parent level. For more details you can check the NeoLoad documentation here

If the load is spread based on the IP addresses you can use multiple load generators or IP Spoofing mechanism in your LG as described here